As large as it is today, the world of online bingo was not always so big and in the years that have passed since it first started back before the turn of the year 2000, bingo has evolved in many ways that favor not just the largest companies, but smaller sites that provide a great experience, as well. Whereas in other industries the trend would be to be utterly dominated by the web sites with the most amount of pull, in the bingo web site world, things work a bit differently. The main issue that gave rise to the bingo networks we know today is the fact that a small site might have a great design and a very cool style, but without the size of the player crowd in the rooms, it simply will not be all that exciting for those who want to join in on the games. Small games are a no go in bingo on the web and so in order to have a larger audience for all of the games out here, certain big sites have decided to help out the smaller portal sites by allowing them to connect in their user base and get themselves some more players than they might otherwise be stuck working with. This has done a lot for the smaller sites that cater to a niche fan base and still want to be able to offer their players a rousing good time. There are big benefits for the founder of the network, as well, since they are able to benefit from all of the crowds that the smaller sites can reach which they might never reach on their own. The entire effect on the industry has been a true leveling of the playing field for bingo sites.Since the bingo industry today is a dazzling place to be, many of the new players are actually much younger than what most people imagine, between 20 and 25 years old, as a matter of fact.

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