Joe – Ladies and gentlemen, we have a date, we have a venue, and we have a fight! After over a year of speculation, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are set to meet in a boxing ring on August 26, at the T-Mobull Arena in Las Vegas. On the day the fight became official, Mayweather was a massive favorite in the -800 ballpark with McGregor coming back at +500. So Justin, when these two finally fight, what do you expect to happen?

Justin – I expect total domination from Mayweather. McGrgeor’s defense and cardio Mayweather is simply the best. Joe – It seems to be a popular opinion just to dismiss McGregor, but that is a BIG mistake.

Mayweather last fought 714 days ago and is a 40-year-old man who is now where near his prime, and that’s a BIG deal. We often see fighters fall off over night, so I really have to question how much Mayweather’s skills have declined since he last fought. At 40, it’s very likely that he’s not as quick and the instincts won’t be the same and we all know that it takes just one punch to end a fight. It’s 100% a possibility that McGregor hits harder than any man Mayweather has ever stepped in the ring with, and I think he has much more than a punchers’s chance in this fight. Justin – Glove size Better, faster boxers couldn’t hit Mayweather.

McGregor has a reach advantage, is a southpaw and unorthodox. Mayweather is the best boxer on the planet. Joe – Ok, so for those who plan on betting on Mayweather, there’s not a whole lot of value at -800, but there’s a bunch of props on the board where bettors can get more bang for their buck. What type of advice would you give to Mayweather backers? Justin – Well, you’re not likely to get much value on Mayweather unless you find these props.

Money by KO is -110, decision is +120. Joe – If you’re backing McGregor you probably realize that his best shot to win this fight is to finish Mayweather, and he’s currently being offered at +700 to land a KO or TKO. If you’re truly looking to hit the jackpot though, I’d look at the McGregor to win in the fourth or fifth round prop which are both on the board at 40 to 1. Watch for a bit of a feeling out process before he really starts to let his hands fly a few rounds in.

Justin – I just can’t envision McGregor being able to land that many powerful shots. Shoulder defense, no threat of kicks. Crazier things have happened. Douglas and Holm. Joe- That’s it for this Mayweather vs Mcgregor betting preview, but we’ll have much more coverage on every single aspect of this fight, so make sure to keep it locked on, the pound for pound king of sports betting news.