The First I will talk about Skill, Stone, artifact, advantages, and disadvantages about him Final is how to use aspen effectively in pvp! I will talk about 4 skills he has first Skill 1 : Deals 206% damage to 4 random targets and additional amount of dame = 20% of the target’s maximum health (max limit = 1500% aspen’s ask) Has 50% chance to Horrify for 2 rounds Aspen gets a Shield every time he uses active skill (maximum 5 shields) each shield increases 20% Control immune and 6% reduces damage.

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In the first skill of aspen, He has new CC It’s call Horrify Has a rate 50% That means if the enemy got Horrified from Aspen, it will not be able to use normal attacks but only use the skill and the advantage of this skill is that each time aspen use Skill attack, it has 1 shield Each shield adds 20% Control Immune and 6 % reduce damage In Skill 2 is normal buff Increase 40% hp, 20% atk, 35% crit, 50% break armor. Skill 3: Basic Attack deals damage = 120% at 3 random enemies Horrify them in 2 rounds (35% rate) Each of Aspen’s normal attacks helps him gain 15% atk, 15% crit damage and 1 shield maximum 5 shields Each shield increases 20% Control Imm and 6% reduces damage In the 3rd skill, it is almost like skill 1 This means that normal attacks of aspen can also Horrify to the opponent with a rate of 35% But Aspen in this normal attack not only gains 1 shield but also adds 15% attack + 15% crit damage! Skill 4 When Aspen deals damage, the target’s Health drops below 35% He will deals 220% damage more and healing 100% of his dealt total damage.

Based on skill, I will summarize about aspen again About Aspen strengths This Aspen is very strong in late game More and more basic attacks or skills to help aspen increase the shield! He has a new kind of effect and the rate of that effect is very high Also he has buffed with huge damage to Knockout enemies are under 35% HP And thanks to that, He can also heal itself! About Disadvantages of Aspen 1.

If Aspen is stunned in first round and can not use a normal attack, it is still as weak as other Heroes Because Aspen’s Stat is very low The second is Aspen is too dependent on speed and artifact NOW i will tell you How to use it most effectively in pvp I Will tell you about him on my team Firstly, You need to give him stone +100 speed + 23 % hp …. And The artifact I advise you to use MSS The MSS is very suitable for aspen because the artifact has 25% control immune and 30 % reduce damage The second thing is most important Related to the 4th skill. I will repeat the 4th skill! When Aspen deals damage that causes the target to drop below 35% HP it will inflict 220% more damage and heal Aspen for 100% of his deal total damage. So in the 2nd Round, you have to figure out how to make Aspen use a skill after 1 hero in your team But the Hero that uses the skill before the Aspen must have high damage. Can take Hp enemies drops below 50% – 60% After that, it is Aspen’s turn At that time, the aspen you have using a skill that not only causes big damage it can also heal itself to stay alive for the next round! I will attack someone and talk directly in the game So it is my line up in pvp .. I will show you how aspen work…

I Will choose HIDE .. he has really high power He has 2 valkyries Ok let’s go … In the first round you can see .. Aida use normal Attack first that means she has the highest speed in team And then Is Aspen Turn ( normal attack ) Guys Please pay attention only about Aida and aspen! like I said the first Aida will use skill take hp of enemies down And then Aspen Will use a skill after that So Aspen can make damage higher I will make battle with him again Belrain just buff Speed and attack only for Aspen, not for Aida Can you see that … Although Aida has no buff from the brain her speed is still higher than Aspen That is the great advantage of Belrain Although The total damage Aida is higher then aspen But Aspen is the one who ends the game About Aida. We have to wait for the opponent to use skill … it is very risky Now I will show you more battle and let you refer Aspen in my team!