Compared to the real world poker, online poker is much safer as there is no reason to worry about illegal card handling nor there is a reason to worry about marked cards. However, when money is involved people find a way to cheat! Online poker is not an exception. You need to be aware that cheating – though rare – exists, how to detect it and how to react.

The easiest form of poker cheating is player collusion: when two or more players, sitting at different computers, reveal their hands to each other via phone, instant messenger, etc. Here are a couple of signs that you should be aware of and should raise the red flag:

Players who never play fast pre-flop. That’s a sign that these players may be exchanging hand information whipsawing where partners at opposite ends of the table raise and reraise each other to trap players in between especially if one of the raising players fold despite a massive pot or if one of the raising players has a poor hand.

If you are suspicious of any cheating, the best thing to do is to walk away and contact Support. Remember that it’s in the best interest of poker operators to fight against cheating and collusion. And they have the required tools to fight it.

A Poker Tell is an unconscious habit, behaviour or physical sign that give other players more information as to the value of your hand. Good players can also use false tells to throw other players off.

The online world has policing advantages over the physical card rooms. Poker room operators may monitors poker rooms using a variety of automated and manual data-collecting techniques. If suspicious, they may review the so-called log files which contains details of poker rooms including hands details, which player played against who, how many times two or more players played with each other on different tables, how many times a player with a good hand folded, cashout patterns, etc.

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