Texas Holdem Poker is a great form of gambling because you can control most of the facets of the game, unlike many casino games that are out there. You can give yourself every advantage to come out on top and dominate the players without the skill set to play poker at new no deposit casino.

But, Texas Holdem is still a game of probabilities and probabilities are driven by odds. Your odds of winning a particular hand are governed by the luck of the draw. This means that inevitable you will run into situations where you had no business losing to an inferior opponent.

How to Survive a Bad Beat

People say that Texas Hold’em poker is game of skill, but even if you are the master of skill and strategy, you can’t be assured of winning each and every game you throw your money at. You will inevitably have a rock solid read on a player and do everything right, just to see the lucky donk catch a 10% chance on the river.

Learning how to emotionally deal with these bad beats will often mean the difference between being just another online poker player and being a skilled poker professional that can move on and still win some money.

What is a bad beat? That depends on who’s defining this. An online poker website will usually consider a hand a “bad beat hand” if a player loses a particular hand with a full house or better.

Personally, I think that a bad beat is any hand where you go in with a significant tactical advantage over your opponent, say anything higher that a 75% probability of you winning the hand.

Here’s an example: Let’s say that you and your opponent are sharing a hole card and you have a higher kicker. If you were to both pair the shared card after the flop, you have a significant advantage. A bad beat would occur if your opponent pairs their second card on the turn or the river.

This is on the lower end of receiving a bad beat. Unless one of the two of you were all-in, the betting action on the turn or river should alert you to this possibility.