This means we’re at the top. Some of these cabins have an open bar. And I think the ticket is just $10 or $15 more. Not that expensive.

But as I don’t drink and Gordon was not really feeling like drinking tonight, we just chose to come to the regular cabin. You can come here both during the day and in the evening. Evening of course is more expensive. But look at this! It was a 30 minute ride, then you end up at the store.

Welcome to Fabulous, historical, and fun downtown Las Vegas! Downtown Vegas brings a totally different experience. Here it’s Las Vegas like in the old days. And it’s really fun.

They maintain all the neon and everything like it used to be. I’m feeling like it’s the 50’s, 60’s. It’s so full of live music everywhere. I saw! You deserve to be on TV, you’re really good! Yeah, thank you very much!

It’s really fun. This light show happens every hour. $40 to go down like that.

And now, Ancient Rome, at Caesars Palace. Now the sky changed colors here. Everything in details. Let me see if people also throw coins here.

Yeah, there are some coins there. The nicest things about these hotels is that they’re not just casinos. I love to play casino online on my smartphone at best ie online casinos by Casinoslots. You know, they have nice restaurants, great shops…Look right here. Top shops. This is so gorgeous. I love it.

Hellooooo! Here inside, you never know if it’s day or night, or what time is it. Oh, pretty nice aquarium here. I think something will happen here.

There are just too many people just standing and looking. Cool, right place at the right time. I’m so close to the fire, I could feel it from here. Paris Hotel Take a look at the lobby. Everything is always busy, full of life. Either day or night.

Bienvenue au Paris! New York! Here they’re simulating the streets, bars and delis of New York. Geez, look at this meat. Steakhouse! Is this for real?

Oh yeah, they’re here just outside the restaurant. There are so many good restaurants and casinos in Las Vegas, but there’s one that we really enjoy. It’s located about 20 minutes out of the Strip, and this is the one: called Lindo Michoacan, Mexican food. And I just learned that is was voted the best restaurant in Las Vegas.

We took a break; went to the hotel for a nap and now I’m going shopping. As sometimes I just cannot resist. Here in Vegas, it’s very worthwhile to rent a car. It’s convenient, actually cheaper than getting a taxi and you can find free parking anywhere. Back to Las Vegas Boulevard. “Hey, I’m good and you.” “Welcome to Las Vegas!”

The first time I came to Vegas, all of this here didn’t exist. This was 10 years ago. Well, I’ve been to several hotels, malls, and I’m going to finish the day here in one of the outlets, as here is where you can find some really good deals. For information about all of these places I’ve been, just go to by blog