Hello from Las Vegas! What’s up Tangerineys! If you are new to our channel, my name is Maddie… I’m Jordan… and we are tangerine travels. Typically, normally on a normal day we would be in Mexico where we’re living, where we’ve been living for the past year but our three-year anniversary and our birthdays have taken us to Las Vegas.

So, we’re just getting into our room at the Mirage now or you are just getting into our room at the Mirage now. We used our MyVegas points to do this, so the room is free except for… resort fees. Resort fees yes and we asked if they have any complimentary upgrades available and I think since we told the guy that it’s our three-year anniversary, he might have pulled some strings for us because – this view is amazing.

We haven’t been doing that much vlogging up to this point because Jordan’s dad has been in town, some of my family has been in town, and we’ve been trying to coordinate with everyone. And to be honest, being at Westgate which was kind of off the strip, there was like a little bit of commute time on the monorail and all that. But now, we are kind of on our own, doing our thing, we’re loose in Las Vegas… watch out, Las Vegas.  So, since we’ve been in Mexico for a year, we really haven’t done much in the way of online shopping because Amazon Prime and Amazon exists but it’s not in the same way that you have in the US where it’s so easy in less than a day or two days you can get anything you want. So we bought like everything.

I don’t think this is awkward at all yet though, just because there’s so many distractions here.. yeah.. we’re the least if everyone’s worries. And no one’s really noticing yet but I still feel like this is a lot of people to be around with a camera. So, one of the cool things we figured out about taking the monorail actually though is that you have this great view of the LINQ High Roller and we took this once, we did the unlimited bar like get as many drinks as you want while you’re on there and we really underestimated how many drinks you can actually get while you’re on there and they’re like “no, you have an empty drink in your hand, you’re drinking more. You will not walk away from here not plastered”. It was good time. So, from this stop, the convention center, from the monorail, you can see this side of the strip, Westgate, Stratosphere right there, bunch of other random ones that I’m not actually sure of and Jordan leaving me.

But this time, it’s not been favorable for us, so we decided to play like penny machines and one time Jordan was taking his dad out to the parking garage and I decided to sit down at a random machine, I was playing a penny machine, 50 Cent’s at a time, and I won five hundred and eighty dollars. That helped to make up for our crappy luck at video poker. And also that’s the most I’ve ever won ever. And now we’re sitting in front of this spinner wheel, random – I don’t even know.

Wild wild wild spinner wheel. Which I’m a little bit sad about because I like the ones that go around. This has a little hand that spins stationary if that makes sense. But anyway, somehow I won my second biggest jackpot slots of my life. $250.

(2 days in a row) So, kind of amazing, it’s been a turnaround! Maddie was getting a new Players Club at another casino – players card – Players card. And while that was happening, I found this $5 chip on the ground from another casino and it’s from Palazzo. And since that’s one of the few casinos we’ve never been in, we’re going there now to cash it in.

We’ve been going to Vegas like pretty much once a month since we were living in Phoenix because we play MyVegas which we’ve talked about before this. Yeah and in addition to that, there’s a whole bunch of other ways that we get very cheap trips here. But anyway, we’ve been to just about every casino and stayed at just about every Hotel on the strip except for – we’ve never been in Palazzo for some reason.

Bellagio esque. Do you know what this is supposed to be themed like? Chinese it looks like, I don’t know. I don’t know. They do have Year of the Pig.

The GPS doesn’t know the way to the crack. It does, it just – it just wants to go a very – a very like…bizarre. Just turn over here, turn over here, turn over there, and I get it but I’m not getting it, you know? You will save three seconds if you make these 9 turns. Possibly, possibly.

It says to us when we’re driving in Mexico all the time like, “save two minutes if you go this way”, and then it adds 15 minutes to your drive every single time! [Laughter] And you’re like, “how did this – how did this really help me at all?” And I fell for it again! So we honestly intended to do way more for this video but as it turns out, there’s lots of copy written music all over Vegas. There’s rules about being inside of the casino and Plus we were preoccupied. We were pre-occupied with like lots of tequila.

[laughter] Lots of tequila. And if I’m being honest, we really needed more of a break than we thought we did from vlogging, from YouTube – Just a bit of vacation. Yeah, like we really needed a vacation, we haven’t really taken any time off from videoing Videoing? We don’t have a better word for that by now?

Vlogging I guess you could say but anyway, for over a year. So, we’ve been going kind of non-stop. Why are you in such a hurry right now?

Oh – why are we in such a hurry? We’re breathing fast and we’re heading out to the strip because there’s like a NASCAR race. Parade. Not race, a parade, a parade.

There’s a race in town but they’re like welcoming them to the city I guess, with a parade down Las Vegas Boulevard, so the main road. At this point, it seems like police cars. And we thought it was like – I thought it was like a train. It was semis honking their bas ass horns. Yeah, so if it seems like we’re out of breath and stuff, that is why.

Oh, the parade’s over. So, we saw the beginning of the parade and – from our room – From our room at the Mirage, We ran. We rushed down here. We ran down the hall, we ran through through the casino and we ran here!

And 5 minutes and 27 seconds later – exactly – it’s over. That’s Vegas. Everything happens fast.

We’ve forgot to mention, I did do bikini bull riding at Treasure Island…  Ended up getting third place. Go me, woo! [Laughter] It was terrifying, I don’t think I’m ever doing that again but it was an interesting experience. I was sore for three days and that’s that.

We’re in Wynn, this place is amazing! It’s like a floral theme with all these fresh flowers up here and then all over the ground are these colorful tiles, these tiny tiles made to look like these giant flowers. I imagine it took forever to construct.

Floor-ever. Floor-ever to construct them.Oh, and that’s like a triple pun because if You speak Spanish you know that flor means flower and then I’m also talking about the floor. Alright guys, so we’re back in Mexico now and we have some cool trips coming up, before we leave the Yucatan Peninsula, there are some places we want to visit. So we have booked to Valladolid, Tulum, Bacalar and Mahahual. You may not have heard of some of those places but trust me, they’re all amazing – breath taking.