How are you supposed to deal with the frustration of losing a big hand in this fashion? The biggest mistake that most players make is to get really aggressive after losing to a bad beat.

More than half of the time I see this scenario take place online. The person either makes a big move to try to recoup some of their loses or will go all-in. This can work if there is only a couple of players left at the table. But the good players will recognize a move of desperation and will go for the jugular to take you out.

On the other hand, if anyone every gets runner-runner to win the hand. This is always considered a bad beat since statistically they will have had less than a 10% chance of winning on most occasions.

The best move is to be patient and wait to make your next move. If you opponent made such a reckless call in the first place, you will want to set them up again in the same situation. Lucky players are only lucky for so long before they go broke.

This means don’t get frustrated by these players when they eventually win one. You want to put yourself in these situations as often as possible because this is how you build your chipstack.

How to Survive when You Don’t Receive Good Card

There will be bad games and there will be bad days when you will be dealt bad cards one after the other and you will not be able to do anything about it. However, you strategic skills can help you losing the minimum possible amount.

When things are not going right and you keep getting cards in your hand, you tend to hurry into making your decisions. You think about getting over with the game fast. You should try to maintain the same attitude towards getting any two cards in your hand.

If a player knows you aren’t getting any cards, they will try to push on you and get you to fold more often, especially on your blinds. This means that you should participate in a hand occasionally even if you are getting rags.